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Corporate Insolvency Matters

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Corporate Insolvency Matters

Our professionals are experienced in all aspects of a bankruptcy or loan workout, consulting for both debtors and creditors.

Debtor Services

When a company files for bankruptcy, management is challenged with not only solving the operational and financial issues of the company, but also satisfying the reporting and other requirements of the Bankruptcy Code. The complexities of this process can be overwhelming. The Bankruptcy Code presents a complex set of rules that many management teams have never encountered. Our professionals, working closely with bankruptcy counsel, provides management with the expertise and insight to effectively navigate the reporting and administrative challenges of the bankruptcy process. We do not provide management replacement or interim management services. We focus on the case administration and reporting requirements so that you can focus on operating the business.

Our professionals are skilled at the preparation of statements of financial affairs, schedules of assets and liabilities, and other financial schedules required under local bankruptcy rules. We are adept at developing the accounting and information procedures to separate pre-petition and post-petition transactions, analyzing critical vendors, processing, reconciling and resolving proofs of claims, and calculating and resolving reclamation claims. We are skilled at analyses of executory contracts and unexpired leases, as well as preference and avoidance actions. We can assist with the negotiation of a cash collateral order, the preparation of the disclosure statement and plan of reorganization, and an analysis of the feasibility of the financial projections.

Creditor Representation Services

Secured lenders, bondholders, and trade suppliers face the challenge of protecting their interests when one of their clients experiences a bankruptcy or workout situation. Our professionals’ experience is exceptionally suited to assist secured and unsecured creditors in maximizing their recovery. Our experience allows us to quickly identify significant business issues and bring them to the attention of creditors. We provide the following types of creditor services:

  • Case Administration
    • Negotiation and monitoring the financial aspects of cash collateral orders
    • Preparation of financial reports, monitoring the post-petition activities of the debtor in possession
    • Variance analysis on actual and budgeted operating results
  • Financial Analysis & Investigative Accounting
    • Review and sensitivity analyses of debtor’s financial projections
    • Review and challenge of the business, economic and financial assumptions of the debtor’s business plans and plan of reorganization
    • Estimate creditors’ recovery under alternative scenarios
    • Assess asset liquidation value and going concern value
    • Identify transactions involving preferential payments, fraudulent transfers, and misappropriation of funds
    • Expert testimony to support creditors’ positions